Outstanding Results


Client - Scalendar

We approached this project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of this scale. We studied our client’s business to create a focused and effective business proposal to secure a business permit from the UK government to run its operations in the UK.

To develop the business proposal, our consultants spent more than 20 hours spanning over a one-month period to understand the client's business thoroughly, as well as collect the client's requirements to generate a proposal fitting its needs and wants. Throughout this process, we provided professional business consultation for our client, guiding and educating our client the keys to crafting a business proposal that would increase the chances of it getting the government permit.

After the collection of all requirements, we developed a business proposal using our own business proposal framework, and modified it two more times before submitting the proposal to the government.

We are pleased to let you know that our client secured a permit to start their operations in the UK, as well as additional funding from the government.

To view the full business proposal we crafted for this client, please request a copy by emailing enquiries@thelifesolversgroup.page


Client - Learnability

We are proud to work with Learnability, a market leader in blockchain and AI training. Learnability is in essence, a high-flying company that delivers high-quality corporate executive training by its world-renowned blockchain and AI specialists.

The problem that Learnability faced was a lack of students for its online and in-person classes. Its courses are accredited by leading IT institutions in the world but it could not, for some reason, draw in consistent student numbers in the past. Through our one-on-one business consultation sessions, we figured out the reason - the management of Learnability did not have enough connections with potential IT students across the Asian Market.

Determined to resolve this problem, Learnability partnered with us to increase its student numbers and ultimately, its sales. Employing sales consultants with extensive connections in the IT industry, we promoted Learnability's course materials directly to our networks, whilst providing soft skills training for Learnability's staff, taking their business development skills to the next level.


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